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How legal Blockchains will be successful

Coindesk recently published an article about the Web Summit in Dublin.  Tom Gonser, founder of (DocuSign) expressed himself in favor of Blockchain as a potential technology for identity management. More and more experts like him believe in the use of Blockchain being a promising technology to solve legal issues.  And I totally agree. In the … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s fight against data disclosure is not bad for start-ups

Microsoft currently fights against the disclosure of personal (content) data, which is stored in Europe.  Techcrunch now states that Microsoft’s opinion and the legal process are bad for start-ups. On the contrary! Any start-up, which does or intents to process data of European citizens should support Microsoft’s legal opinion and be concerned, if Microsoft fails. … Continue reading

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The NSA – my ally

Mass surveillance and data retention are widely and emotionally debated topics in Europe. Now, a Dutch court ruled, that the exchange of data is legal even though its source is mass surveillance, because the intercepting state is an ally, here in particular the US with its NSA. From a lawyer’s perspective, it is absolutely correct … Continue reading


Better an IT manager than a lawyer

First, the right hand’s four fingers, and then the right thumb. Second, the left hand’s four fingers, and then the left thumb. Third, a portrait. “What’s reason for your trip to the USA?” “Business reasons” “What business do you do?” “I am a lawyer.” Reading his facial expression, wrong answer, I guessed. I managed to … Continue reading