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A missed chance and why we could be weakened fundamentally

“Internet is not outside the law.” A sentence especially lawyers have heard in the last years again and again. Honestly, we got bored instantaneously. Now, the Committee of Ministers published a guide to human rights for Internet users. Is that boring again? On the one hand, I definitely welcome the approach of the Committee of … Continue reading

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Germany – Your confusing privacy decisions

IT professionals and privacy experts, who are not used to German privacy statements and thoughts will think Germans are crazy: Under recent judicial decisions providers must 1. inform users BEFORE they process data for tracking purposes, no matter if the data is anonymous or pseudonymous (read in PinG the discussion and county court decision written … Continue reading

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ID tracking – the unknown privacy issue

Currently, everyone talks about WhatsApp, which Facebook bought this month. Without being noticed, another thing has happened almost unnoticed in the last months: ID tracking. That functionality negatively affects every user’s privacy, is going to change the world of privacy and will strengthen monopolies like Google, Apple and Microsoft. Do you want to know more? … Continue reading